JJ Loughran

Vacon is a global manufacturer of variable-speed AC drives for adjustable control of electric motors, and inverters for producing energy from renewable sources. The company has headquarters in Vaasa, Finland.

Vacon has production and R&D facilities in Europe, Asia and North America, sales offices in 30 countries, and sales representatives and service partners in nearly 90 countries.

The shares of Vacon Plc (VAC1V) are quoted on the main list of the Helsinki stock exchange (NASDAQ OMX Helsinki). In 2013, Vacon’s revenues amounted to EUR 403.0 million, and the company employed globally approximately 1,600 people.

Typically, electric motors are equipped with variable speed AC drives as they help optimize process control and save electrical energy. Vacon has estimated that in 2013 its products helped save approximately 55 TWh of energy. This corresponds to approximately 22 hours of the world's annual electrical energy production. Also, the amount of energy produced from renewable energy sources with Vacon's AC drives was reported to be approximately 22 TWh