MHD Motovario Gearbox supplied with over ninety thousand NM of Torque

JJ Loughran recently supplied a 3 Tonne Motovario MHD Gearbox with over ninety thousand NM of Torque to help our customer boost their production efficiency & reduce downtime. 
If you are seeking a high-torque gearbox for a mining or quarrying solution with enhanced productivity, then look no further than Motovario MHD Gearbox ! 
Designed for heavy applications, MHD Gearbox excels with high torque and power transmission, tackling heavy loads effortlessly. Its durability withstands harsh quarry conditions, minimizing maintenance. With flexible adaptability and a wide range of ratios, it can seamlessly integrate into existing equipment & powertrains. 
Contact us on to learn more about Motovario MHD Gearbox’s on +4428 867 62295 or and our team would be more than happy to help.

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