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Van Der Graaf

Manufacturing drum motors for the past 30 years - adhering to a simple principle, design a superior product to mee customer needs in a changing marketplace.

VDG is a leading manufacturer in the supply of drum motors, adhering to the simple principle of designing superior products to meet the requirements of customers in a changing marketplace.
The Van der Graaf drum motor is a one conveyor drive where the motor, gear drive and all moving parts are enclosed inside the drum.

Recognized internationally, Van der Graaf is a manufacturer of high precision, heavy duty power transmission equipment for the conveyor industry. All Van der Graaf® products have a rugged design that is space saving, quiet, efficient and reliable with virtually no maintenance.

Benefits of Van der Graaf Drum Motors

  • Energy Efficiency: Drum motors are highly efficient and can help reduce energy consumption due to their direct-drive design and improved power transmission.
  • Hygienic and Clean: The enclosed design minimizes contamination risk and is easy to clean, making them ideal for applications with strict hygiene requirements.
  • Low Maintenance: Drum motors generally have fewer maintenance needs compared to traditional conveyor drive systems due to their sealed design and fewer external components.

JJ Loughran can offer a wealth of knowledge on Van Der Graaf drum motors and their availability, specifications and applications. Please contact a member of the team for any Drum motor requirement

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