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    Introducing the ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor, a revolutionary solution for optimizing LV motor performance. With predictive maintenance capabilities, it reduces downtime by 70%, extends motor lifetimes up to 30%, and cuts energy consumption by 10%. Embrace efficiency and innovation in the motor market today.

  • How does it work?

    The ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor is a cutting-edge device that monitors and assesses the performance of low-voltage (LV) motors. The process begins by attaching a compact sensor unit to the motor without any complicated wiring. These sensors are versatile and can be easily retrofitted on existing motors or factory-fitted on select ABB LV motors.

    Once the sensor is in place, it starts receiving signals from the motor at regular intervals, collecting crucial data such as vibration and temperature readings. This data is the key to understanding the motor’s health and performance.

    To access and analyze the data, users can download the ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor app on their smartphones. The app serves as a user-friendly interface, allowing seamless communication with the sensor.

    The collected motor data is transmitted securely via Bluetooth® to the smartphone. All communication is encrypted, ensuring data privacy and security.

    On the smartphone, advanced algorithms process the received data, providing clear and insightful results about the motor’s condition and operation. Users can easily view these results on the app and access them through the dedicated ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor portal.

    Beyond just providing a snapshot of the motor’s performance, the app and portal continue to perform trend analysis over time. This ongoing monitoring helps users build a comprehensive picture of the motor’s behaviour, enabling them to spot potential issues early on and optimize maintenance schedules.

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