Baking Fan

  • Description:

    • Built-in centrifugal fans with insulated free running impeller.
    • Centrifugal fans for installation in devices, without housing.
    • Max. supply medium temperature +550 °C

  • Properties & special features:

    • Compact construction
    • Variable design for customer operating point
    • Square, rectangular or circular installation plate
    • Attached or loose nozzle
    • Fan for ATEX zone 1 or 2 using special zone sealing, internal to external or external to internal.
    • Flexible flange pattern
    • Free choice of motor manufacturer
    • Free choice of colour
    • User-specific insulation from 50-300 mm

  • Motor concepts:

    • IEC standard motor construction: e.g. IMB3 or IMB5 etc.

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