Baldor offers a complete line of motors designed for use in the harshest HVAC appliations. We have motors available with integrated internal shaft grounding systems. Motors for Chiller/Cooling Towers, Condenser and fan applications, and more. We can also build custom version of any stock motor we have for any specialized HVAC application. contact your local baldor district office for more information.

General Purpose HVAC Motors
Super E® NEMA premium® efficent HVAC motors in ODP and TEFC designs.

Chiller/Cooling Tower Motors
Super E® NEMA Premium® efficient HVAC motors in TEFC and TEOA designs.

Fan and Blower Motors
Designed for use in HVAC and other applications requiring Resilient base design. Single and three phase ODP designs.

Condensor Fan Motors
Designed specifically for use on commercial refrigeration condenser units and air conditioning units requiring three phase TEAO construction for use in low temperature environments.

Shaft Grounding Motors
Super E® NEMA premium® efficent motors in TEFC enclosure with foot mounting.   Designed with BALDOR internal shaft grounding brush on the inside of motor. For use in variable speed applications with potential for shaft currents.

Yoke/Pedestal Fan Motors
Baldor light industrial HVAC Yoke/pedestal fan motors are designed for continuous air-over applications with moderate starting loads.


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