• Description:

    Free running Cpro impeller made from the ZAmid high-performance composite material with 7 backward-curved, fluted blades in frame sizes 250 to 630 mm. Volume flow rates up to around 30,000 m³/h free blowing, static pressure increase up to 2,500 Pa possible.

    Version with hub and inlet nozzle with measurement device for volume flow measurement. GR module for compact installation in customer applications/devices for horizontal and vertical air feed. ER built-in fans e.g. for vibration-damped use in central air-conditioning units with horizontal air feed.

  • Properties & special features:

    Impeller with rotating, non-fluted diffuser for extremely high efficiency levels and favourable acoustic characteristics. Reduced rotational tone as a result of special three-dimensional blade geometry. The high-quality plastic material allows for a wide application temperature range of -35 to +80°C and also offers a high level of chemical resistance.

  • Motor concepts:

    External rotor motors:

    • ECblue EC technology: with integrated controller matched to the fan
    • AC technology

    Internal rotor motors:

    • PMblue EC technology: permanent magnet excited motor with built-in controller
    • AC technology

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