Product Overview

The Turbulator range of recirculation fans provide a constant airflow and are suitable for all year round ventilation, removing condensation and providing evenness of temperature and humidity throughout the building. 

Highly efficient, they are designed to circulate air using minimal power consumption, thereby offering a swift payback period. 

The range also includes a stainless steel model for more corrosive environments.

Hydor’s capabilities in manufacturing and design extend well beyond this, enabling us to provide any additional sizes or bespoke requirements you may have, such as Turbulators with integrated heaters and controls.


Features & Benefits

  • Control of insects in the summer months – many insects and flies are discouraged by the constant airflow created by the circulating fans
  • Provides a reduction in heat stress and resultant reduction in veterinary expenses
  • Improved evaporation of moisture in the air eliminates condensation on walls and ceilings in winter
  • Air circulation moves fumes away from the cows, circulating gases to a higher level for extraction at roof level
  • Ceiling mounted, provides optimum coverage at any angle
  • Disperses dust
  • Offers precise environmental control 
  • Built to withstand challenging, humid and corrosive conditions


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