JJ Loughran have been authorised to and have opened the first Motorvario Assembly Centre (MAC) in the UK or Ireland to service our customer base on a real time level. The MAC allows JJ Loughran to effectively become an extension of the Motorvario factories and assemble Helical Beval, Helical Inline and Parallel shaft gearboxes from stock to any allowable ratio to 100mm bore and shaft size.

Certified by Motovario Spa, the project eclipsed a careful selection process of potential qualified centres and a structured implementation in precise and well detailed steps, during which Motovario specialised personnel cooperated at close contact with JJ Loughran in order that every single required process would be under taken according to the correct procedure and thus grant the highest quality.

To reach a quality level that is homogeneous to the ones obtained by the main manufacturing plants JJ Loughran engineers have undergone in depth training at the main Motovario facilities in Italy and have invested in the necessary assembly tools, machines and warehousing. Also constant updating and periodical support visits with procedure checks will be made by Motorvario to guarantee standards and quality is maintained at all times.

JJ Loughran MAC manager David Kelley commented “The implementation of the MAC has given us the flexibility to deliver on time every time; and with gearboxes from stock to 100mm bore and shaft size we can guarantee minimal downtime for our process customers and increased availability to our OEM’s”.

If you would like to see the MAC for yourself please contact us to arrange a site visit.



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