JJ Loughran sell Challenge Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer gearboxes that are interchangable with most Fenner type gearboxes. The Challenge Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer delivers performance in the harshest of applications. Shaft mounted drves remove the need for coupling mounting plinths and have virtually infinitely variable ratios due to the belt drive. They are also incredbly simple to fit.


  • Includes complete torque arm assembly
  • Fully interchangeable with other manufacturers
  • Production line manufacturing guarantees tolerances and consistent quality
  • Gears produced on German manufactured hobbing centres to achieve the highest quality helical gear components
    • Pinions; 8620 steel
    • Gears; 20MnCr5 steel
  • All gears are ground
  • Final heat tratment includes gas carburising to a depth of 1mm then grinding to DIN class 6
  • Castings crack tested
  • All units test run for 30 minutes prior to final quality control checks
  • Full traceability guaranteed with unique Challenege serial nuumber
  • Backstops also available
  • Held ex-stock in most Challenge waregiyse locations


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