System Components

  • Selection amplifier:

    To select the strongest sensor signal present (e.g. multi-circuit systems in refrigeration).

  • Potentiometers:

    ZIEHL-ABEGG frequency inverters and ECblue EC fans have an on-board 10 Vdc power supply. It is easy to connect a potentiometer to allow the required speed or control to be specified.

  • Gateway:

    For connecting a MODBUS system to a PROFIBUS system.

  • Display and operating terminal:

    For the control and configuration of basic frequency inverters and ECblue fans. Versions for mobile use and permanent installation are available.

  • Main switch:

    External main switch with bypass function. In an emergency, the frequency inverter can be bypassed using the main switch, enabling 100% speed operation of connected fans.

  • Empty housings:

    Housings for the installation of ancillary equipment.

  • Power supply units

    To supply low voltage power. For ancillary equipment or sensors.

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