Type AB Twin

  • Description:

    These oscillating mountings have the same basic characteristics as the above-mentioned AB types. The versions 50 TWIN and 50-2 TWIN offer very high loading capacities because of the special twin construction of the parallel rubber suspension units arranged on each side of the support arms. The loading values are doubled compared to the versions AB 50 and AB 50-2.

    The TWIN versions are eminently suitable for mounting large-scale screen plant and screens including counter-oscillating frames, where the overall weight of the machine is ten or more tones. The TWIN versions, owing to the identical guide geometry and natural frequency, may also be combined with the standard AB 50/50-2, and installed at the feed or discharge ends of the screen, depending on the supported weight.

    The mountings are bolted directly at the spheroidal graphite iron feet to the screen and the support structure.

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