The latest generation of free running wheel in steel or ZAmid® technology with 5 backward curved blades. Impeller with bionic 3D fluting thanks to innovative design in the form of a specially wound blade geometry. The tubercle on the blade leading edge, which is modelled on a humpback whale, and the V-shaped serrated rear edge allow a wide characteristic map range.

The highest impeller and system efficiencies are achieved in conjunction with an opening rotating diffusor. In combination with the innovatively rippled blade surface, diffuse sound radiation takes place, ensuring the lowest possible sound level.

  • ZAbluefin steel version product specification:

    Latest generation bionic free running impeller with 5 backward curved blades in sizes 710 to 1,120 mm. Impeller made of sheet steel with surface protection provided by powder coating. Version with hub (taper lock or fixed hub) and inlet nozzle with measurement device for air flow measurement. Volume flow rates up to 80,000 m3/h free blowing, max. static pressure increase up to 2,100 Pa possible.

    ER built-in fans e.g. for vibration-damped use in central air handling units. Ventilation unit GR for compact installation in customer applications/devices.

  • Motor concepts:

    Internal rotor motors:

    • PMblue EC technology: Permanent solenoid energised motor with attached controller
    • AMblue AC technology: Asynchronous motor with attached controller
    • AC technology

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