ZAcube with Premium Optimizer

Stackable fan module system with built-in Premium Optimizer for maximum efficiency with reduced acoustics. Modules contain free running Cpro impeller with 7 backward-curved, fluted blades in frame sizes 315 to 560 mm. Impeller made of high-performance ZAmid composite material.

Volume flow rate up to around 17,500 m³/h free blowing, max. static pressure increase up to 2,100 Pa possible. Modules for easy handling and creation of a fan configuration for horizontal air feed in RLT equipment or for retrofitting on older equipment.

  • Properties & special features:

    ZAcube modules contain the Premium Optimizer. This ensures a substantially improved flow pattern at the module outlet to increase the ventilation performance. At the same time, the acoustics are significantly improved. The flow to downstream components is homogeneous, which means that their distance from the fan can be reduced.

    The module design of ZAcube fans allows fast and easy creation of a fan configuration. Fans can be stacked up to 5 levels and operated in parallel.

    The modules have smooth surfaces with no sharp edges and, thanks to a click system on the Premium Optimizer, provide excellent accessibility and easy cleaning for the strictest hygienic demands.

    Standardised connecting screws are supplied with every ZAcube, enabling them to be connected to one another easily. The flange level all the way around allows the ZAcube modules to be sealed off from one another to ensure leak-free operation of the fan configuration.

    The advantages of the space-optimized design of the ZAcube modules are noticeable even during transportation and handling.

  • Motor concepts:

    External rotor motors:

    • ECblue EC technology: with integrated controller matched to the fan

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