Fan system with built-in air feed for even greater efficiency. Modules contain free running ZAvblue impeller with 7 backwards-curved blades in frame sizes 175 to 250 mm. Impeller made of high-performance composite material.

Volume flow rate up to around 1,600 m³/h free blowing, max. static pressure increase up to 1,000 Pa possible. Modules for compact installation in customer applications for horizontal and vertical air feed.

  • Properties & special features:

    Modules contain integrated guide blades to reduce air turbulence and an upright diffusor for targeted enlargement of the flow cross-section. This results in conversion of dynamic pressure into static pressure and thus up to 10% greater efficiency than market standards.

    Integrated inlet nozzle with option of attaching an intake side protective grille. Easy handling – Plug and play.

  • Motor concepts:

    External rotor motors:

    • ECblue EC technology: with integrated controller matched to the fan

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