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    The modern way of airflow: The flexible, economical and environmentally friendly fan system. This optimised full nozzle with guide vane, motor suspension, and short diffuser is combined with the FE2owlet fans. This multifunctional system enables high pressures, ideal efficiencies and low noise emissions. Available dimensions 450 – 1,000 mm, volume flow rates up to 40,000 m³/h and static pressure increase up to 420 Pa.

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  • Properties & special features:

    • Intelligent ventilation system with built-in efficiency guarantee
    • Extremely low operating costs due to optimum efficiency with minimum noise emissions as a result of bionic blade design and aerodynamically optimised ZAplus nozzles
    • High flexibility due to 100% speed controlled volume flow rate
    • High degree of corrosion protection with corrosion-free nozzles made of high-performance composite material
    • Very smooth running and high durability due to dynamic balancing in 2 planes
    • Increased air handling capacity with Highend-Diffusor possible (ZAplus+)
    • Reduced handling time as no packaging needed
    • Meets current ErP Directive
    • Numerous approvals (incl. VDE, UL, CCC, EAC, CE)

  • Motor concepts:

    External rotor motors

    • ECblue EC technology: with integrated controller matched to the fan
    • AC technology

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