JJ Loughran Engineer Tensioning Solution

JJ Loughran recently had the opportunity to work closely with one of our supply Partners, Rosta. Our aim was to engineer a tensioning solution for a national marine grade diesel engine supplier who wanted to eliminate “maintenance down time” for tensioning belts and pulleys.  We were able to direct our customer to a high-end quality Rosta product that was not only bespoke to their requirements, but a totally maintenance free solution for up to 10 years.  

Taking our customers specific requirements, we were able to work out the exact angle in which the tensioner and belt should be set at to create the highest efficiency. Once the force has been met on the installation, the Rosta tensioner took up the position as the new self-tensioner, becoming a maintenance free part. 

Some of the other key benefits of using Rosta’s high-end products are, quiet and smooth running, the best possible transfer of power, automatic re-tensioning, compensation of belt elongation, tensioning, guiding and vibration damping.  

JJ Loughran also hold a large stock range of other Rosta products including Tensioners, Motor bases, Oscillating Mounts and Vibration Controls. These items are perfect to work on any applications including, Crushers, Screens, conveyors, Agricultural machinery and much more.  

Offering a next day delivery throughout Ireland and the UK, get in touch with, our sales team for more information.  

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