Electrical Connection Diagrams

Any advice given in this website is only general and every single application must be handled as a specific case. Any connections made to an electric motor should be carried out by qualified persons.

The three stator windings are connected in star (Y) or delta (∆).

The windings can also be connected in series or parallel, Y or YY for instance. If the rating plate on a squirrel cage motor indicates voltages or both the star and delta connection, it is possible to use the motor for both 230 V, and 400 V as an example. The winding is delta connected at 230 V and if the main voltage is 400 V, the Y-connection is used. When changing the main voltage it is important to remember that for the same power rating the rated motor current will change depending on the voltage level. The method for connecting the motor to the terminal blocks for star or delta connection is shown in the picture below.


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