Energy Saving With Drives Explained

Why Save Energy?

Saving energy saves you money and helps combat climate change.

Climate Change

Climate change is emerging as one of the great challenges for modern society. Carbon dioxide is the main contributor responsible for 80% of emissions from industrialised countries. The gas is released into the atmosphere primarily from burning fossil fuels: oil, petrol and natural gas. A growing population coupled with increasing demands on transport and energy, has led to emissions increasing at dramatic rates.

  • 40% of global energy is consumed by industry
  • 65% of industrial energy is consumed by electric motors
  • 25% of global energy is consumed by electric motors
Save Energy – Save Money

Using variable speed drives to control your process will save energy, and save your company valuable costs. Using a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) to reduce the speed of a pump or fan application can typically achieve the following savings;

  • reduce motor speed by 10%, achieve a 27% reduction in energy consumption
  • reduce motor speed by 20%, achieve a 48% reduction in energy consumption

As an extra incentive, UK Government has introduced the ‘Enhanced Capital Allowances’ (ECA) Scheme. Under the Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) scheme, you can claim an ‘enhanced’ 100% capital allowance on qualifying investments in equipment in the first tax year. Normal capital allowances on plant and machinery are 25% a year on a reducing balance basis. So the scheme boosts cash flow and shortens the payback period.

Vacon Variable Speed Drives are certified as energy saving products and appear on the UK Government’s Energy Technology List.

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