Electric Motor & Generator Repair and Rewinds

JJ Loughran offer a maintenance and repair facility for rotational electrics to cater for repairs and refurbishment of electric motors, generators, pumps and machines 24/7, for safe and Hazardous Areas.

All rotating machines need preventative maintenance and repairs and JJ Loughran can assist in structured maintenance to avoid costly downtime or carry out immediate repairs after failure to get your system or process operational as soon as possible.

From our purpose built electric motor repair facility, rotating electric motors and machines can be dismantled, diagnosed, repaired, reassembled and tested. From full rewind and overhauls to bearing changes, housing & frame reclamations, general repairs and full/part component replacement and integration, all repair aspects are catered for.


Electric Motors
  • AC  rewinds, overhauls and repairs up to 710kW,
  • Squirrel cage, Square frame & Slip ring,
  • Safe and Hazardous Area.
  • Pumps AC,  rewinds, overhauls and repairs up to 710kW
  • Submersible, end suction & inline.
  • Impeller and component repair and replacement.
  • Wind Turbine and Engine Generator repairs to 1.5MW
  • AC single and double bearing machines,
  • Alternator repairs, full replacement and fitting.
Hazardous Area & Related Accreditations
  • Hazardous Area Motor & Pump Repairs to Standard,
  • AEMT Approved for The Repair & Overhaul of Electrical Apparatus Used in Explosive Atmospheres BS EN 60079-19: 2007 & IEC 60079-19: 2006
  • ABB G932 Service Training for motors and generators for Hazardous areas

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