Energy Efficiency Explained

FACT: Industry globally consumes over 40% of the planet’s energy production.
FACT: 65% of all global industrial electricity is consumed by the electrical motors that drive plant and equipment
FACT: Energy bills alone count for between 12.2% and 20% of total enterprise operating costs and have risen by 27% in the last 6 months.*
*RWE Npower survey published in Utility Weekly 16 th March 2007
Energy Savings – Using High Efficiency Motors

The cost of buying an electric motor can be deceptive; in just a single year the cost of energy to run a motor can be up to ten times its purchase cost. The typical running costs of a fully loaded motor are in the range £800/year for a 2.2kW motor to £14,000 a year for one rated at 37kW*.
*RWE Carbon Trust, Published in the UK: March 2007, CTV016

• Carbon Trust – Making business sense of climate change –

Energy saving – Using Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s)

A modest speed reduction using a VSD can give significant savings. Even if the speed is just a little too high, this can mean much higher energy consumption. A fan (or a centrifugal pump) running at half speed consumes only one-eighth of the energy compared to one running at full speed.
Tax incentives!!

Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) allows ABB & Vacon, ECA compliant motors & Drives to qualify for the Energy Technology List. This allows 100% tax relief on any investment of a motor or drive, in the same tax year as the purchase is made. This will lead to a substantial saving on the purchase price, not to mention the significant saving in energy costs.

This scheme also extends to Republic of Ireland under the Advanced Capital Allowance scheme. See links below…
And guess what?….You won’t be snowed under by paper work! It’s easy to Claim your tax incentives.

• UK – Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme.

• Ireland – Sustainable Energy Ireland.

Where to begin

Want to save energy but don’t know where to start ? ABB has a 6 step energy saving plan that outlines all you need to know and helps you jump start your energy saving program.

Step 1 – the facts

Why is everybody talking about energy? It’s about saving costs and, on a wider scale, slowing down climate change.

Step 2 – the savings

In just half-a-day, an energy appraisal can help identify the applications that offer you the best energy saving opportunities.

Step 3 – the finance

See how energy efficient products pay for themselves over time and find out about the options that make payback even quicker.

Step 4 – the products

Choose from a wide range of energy efficient equipment that can help your company achieve great cost savings.

Step 5 – the proof

See how other users have achieved great energy savings with the help of ABB motors and drives.

Step 6 – the action

Now that you have the tools and the information, you can move forward and make a difference in your own organisation.

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