Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI)

We have recently purchased and commissioned a bespoke Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) plant for our electric motor repair facility; the only one of its kind in Northern Ireland which can accommodate low and medium voltage electric motors and generators up to 2MW.

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Advantages of VPI
  • Superior protection against electrical failure
  • Improved bond strength
  • Improved heat dispersion to withstand greater temperature.
  • Greater varnish penetration
  • Superior protection against environmental conditions
  • Improved life span of motors
  • Increase coil protection

Our new VPI plant is controlled by a PLC & HMI allowing the system to run fully automatic and controlled cycles. The PLC is also linked to a job card programme to enable complete integration with our EMIR system (Electric Motor Inventory & Recording database). This enables our customer to see a record of the performance of the VPI during its operation cycle and allows complete transparency and traceability during the repair process.

Vacuum & Pressure Impregnation is a process whereby solventless epoxy impregnating resin is forced into the windings under vacuum and pressure processes through removing moisture and air pockets from the stator body, thus filling all voids with epoxy and allowing no voids or gaps for moisture to enter the motor.

The VPI treatment results in a more rigid and filled structure within the windings, consequently, failure caused by mechanical stress or coil movement is dramatically reduced. Windings treated this way also gain complete protection against moisture which is invaluable when using equipment in adverse environment conditions. The resin also has excellent chemical resistance and is suitable for equipment used in chemical plants, offshore & marine locations, and other difficult environments.

JJ Loughran offer extensive winding treatments such as Polyester Dip and Bake, Epoxy Trickle Impregnation, Induction Curing and full Epoxy Encapsulation. with our new investment we are now able to provide a complete vacuum and pressure impregnation service tailored to our customers bespoke requirements.

JJ Loughran use Ultimeg 2002L epoxy in our VPI process; this is a solventless, single component, epoxy impregnating resin which gives 100% filled windings with exceptional high bond strengths at all operating temperatures up to Class H (180°C). The VPI process is a highly sealed system which gives excellent penetration with good retention and low secondary drainage characteristics.

Other Applications

Our new VPI plant along with Ultimeg 2002L epoxy impregnating resin can be utilised for transformers, chokes, relays & fields, and most types of electrical motors. It is also suitable for VPI of wound cores.

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