Industrial Energy Auditing

At JJ Loughran industrial energy auditing is a key element of our complete electrical engineering service, allowing us to help identify energy saving opportunities within electric motor, pump and fan installations. Within Pump and Fan variable torque applications it’s simple.

  • Reducing motor speed by 10%, achieves a 27% reduction in energy consumption
  • Reducing motor speed by 20%, achieves a 48% reduction in energy consumption

Reduce the amount of energy input into the system, without negatively affecting the output(s) is the key objective when proposing an energy saving process or system, as is the key objective that a proposed recommendation is cost effective in relation to implementation costs and payback period

Data Logger Auto Learning

With the installation of an onsite data logger by our engineers it is possible to compile a detailed report on an Auto learn basis over a typical operating time period from a few minutes or hours, to weeks or months, allowing a full energy usage report to be compiled and relevant cost effective recommendations and accurate payback time scales made.

We use top of the range energy auditing instruments to measure energy cunsumption. Here are some of their specifications:

Input Channels:

1 X Voltage via pluggable power cable
3 X current via integral flex type CTs


1 Voltage range: 230VAC +/- 15% 50-60Hz
3 Current ranges: 2-20A, 20-200A, 200-2000A Fully auto-ranging


Technique: Digital Sampling
Sample rate: 1.6kHz
Update rate: 1 second – stored to cache


0.5% of measurement +/- 2.0V


2-20A = 0.5% of measurement +/- 0.5A
20-200A = 0.5% of measurement +/- 2.0A
200-2000A = 0.5% of measurement +/- 5.0A

kWh (in software) = < 2% typical


Electrical Safety:
Unit: IEC1010 600V CAT III 300V CAT IV
Flex CTs: IEC1010 1000V Cat III

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