Proven and reputable, Motovario’s wide range of transmission products are the perfect solution to ensure that critical industries are kept functioning.

Motovario are a leading producer of electric motors, gearboxes & mechanical variators, which are used globally in a variety of industrial applications. Motovario has a particular focus on manufacturing quality and reliable products, which is proven through its investment in integrating more efficient production systems when possible. Motovario’s well-organized production capabilities allow them to offer their products on an extremely competitive level. JJ Loughran are an authorised Motovario Assembly Centre (MAC) in the UK & Ireland, with a large stock available ranging from Helical Bevel, Helical Inline, and parallel shaft gearboxes, which can be built from stock.


To reach a quality level that is homogeneous to the ones obtained by the main manufacturing plants, JJ Loughran’s engineers have undergone detailed training located in the main Motovario facilities in Italy, to ensure an upholding of quality for customers across the UK and Ireland. JJ Loughran enjoys regular visits from Motovario at their HQ in Northern Ireland, which ensures that the high standards are guaranteed and always maintained.

The JJ Loughran team offers a wealth of experience and advice for customers who are trying to select the most appropriate solution for their industrial or civil applications. The team strives to meet the specific requirements of our customers, as we are always willing to offer support in selecting replacement products. We are proud of our large stock holding which is one of the largest in Ireland and the UK, as it gives the flexibility needed to deliver for customers every time. JJ Loughran’s ability to build and despatch Motovario gearboxes from stock gives us a competitive advantage as we can provide our customers with the best possible service and rapid response times.


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