Motovario Assembly Center At JJ Loughran

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    JJ Loughran is the first company to have been given authorisation to open a Motovario Assembly Centre (MAC) in the UK and Ireland. The MAC has allowed the company to effectively service its customer base on a real-time level, ensuring customers across Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland always have a solution for their industrial applications. The MAC has allowed JJ Loughran to become an extension of the Motovario factories by assembling and despatching Helical Bevel, Helical Inline, and Parallel Shaft gearboxes from stock to any allowable ratio to 100mm bore and shaft size.

    The assembly of the MAC was certified by Motovario Spa which involved a careful selection process of potential qualified centres. Motovario provided JJ Loughran with specialised personnel at close contact to ensure that every single required process would be undertaken according to the correct procedure to allow for the highest quality to be produced. JJ Loughran has been involved in extensive training with Motovario in their main facilities in Italy and has invested in the necessary assembly tools, machines, and warehousing.

    To deliver a consistent level of quality, Motovario and JJ Loughran engage regularly to improve production systems, with periodic visits being made by Motovario with procedure checks to ensure that standards can be met and always maintained. JJ Loughran MAC manager David Kelly commented on the benefits the MAC has had since its integration; “The MAC has given us a level of flexibility that allows us to deliver to our customers, due to the range of gearboxes available from stock, allowing for minimal downtime for our important process customers and OEMs.”

    Here at JJ Loughran, we are always open to visitors who want to have a look at our incredible MAC just to really see what we can do on a day-to-day basis!

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