Motovario MHD Gearbox

The Motovario heavy-duty gearbox range consists of three product types, which are designed to ensure that every application can be catered for, whilst meeting the needs of specific budgets.


The three series are readily available in multiple sizes and configurations as a bevel helical reducer or alternatively a parallel helical, with a variety of options in terms of extra accessories available.


The MHD series can produce anything up to 110,000Nm output torque with cases manufactured using cast iron. To allow for a range of speeds to be achieved to meet specific customer demands, each series has an extensive list of ratios that can be achieved to ensure all applications can find a solution.

The Motovario medium heavy-duty gearboxes are supplied with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring that customers are confident their applications will always be functioning.


The PBH, PBZ, and PBC series are a range of gear reducers designed for different application requirements. Here’s a breakdown of each series:


Each series is tailored to different application needs, providing reliable and efficient solutions for various scenarios. The PBH series excels in challenging conditions, the PBZ series focuses on continuous critical applications, and the PBC series offers a heavy-duty solution at a lower cost when the extreme capabilities of the PBH or PBZ series are not required.

  • PBH Series:

    • Designed for maximum reliability in harsh conditions.
    • Consists of parallel helical and bevel helical gear reducers with up to 4 reduction stages.
    • Ideal for applications with high inertias, overloads, sudden peaks, or significant external loads.
    • Highly customizable to meet specific application requirements.

  • PBZ Series:

    • Features high power density, compact size, modularity, reliability, and a favourable performance/robustness ratio.
    • Supports up to 4 reduction stages.
    • Suitable for demanding applications where a combination of power and durability is crucial.

  • PBC Series:

    • Specifically designed for heavy-duty intermittent duty or seasonal applications.
    • Provides a cost-effective solution where the selection of PBH or PBZ series may not be necessary.
    • Available with torque capacities up to 80,000Nm and reduction ratios up to 450:1.
    • Offers a heavy-duty solution at a lower price point compared to the PBH or PBZ series.

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