Electric Motors


JJ Loughran - Official Distributor & Authorised Value Provider for ABB

JJ Loughran has enjoyed a huge level of success over the past 10 years being an ABB Authorized Value Provider and can supply a variety of electric motors up to 315kW of the shelf and up to 710kW electric motors from ABB central stock locations / direct factories.

JJ Loughran has the ability to specify specific motors using dimensional drawings and performance criteria, as well as providing authorized repairs and critical maintenance directly for ABB motors. Our experienced engineering team can perform full thermal imaging, motor management advice, and energy audits to ensure maximum efficiency. We take pride in always finding a solution for customers to ensure critical applications are kept functioning with minimal downtime.

ABB manufactures a high-quality product that helps every industry and application reach new levels of efficiency and energy savings, no matter how demanding the conditions are. They strive to develop innovatively in terms of the technology and materials used, so that their electric motors and generators are designed to operate reliably, regardless of how challenging the system or application is.

JJ Loughran takes pride in being able to offer quality ABB electric motors throughout the UK and the island of Ireland, with the fast identification of the product and quick despatch to the customer.

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