Motovario Helical Bevel Gear Reducers

The Motovario cast iron B series Helical bevel gearboxes provide exceptional functioning performance for a variety of industrial and civil applications ranging anywhere up to 100mm hollow bore size.

The B series offers a range of bore sizes from 20mm to 100mm output shaft, with a large variety of inputs available, and can be mounted in several different positions to suit the customer’s requirements. An extension to this would be the BA series which is a smaller aluminium version that can be used as an alternative to the Motovario worm range, with a bore size of up to 35mm.

Motovario B Series can offer an output torque of up to 13000NM and a motor input power of up to 90kW, allowing for the most demanding of applications to be driven. B series can offer a 3-stage reduction allowing for ratios anywhere between 5,71:1 and 187,24:1, giving customers a large range to suit specific application requirements.

To give customers a sense of confidence in Motovario, a two-year warranty period is supplied with all bevel helical gearboxes from the manufacturer.

  • Helical Bevel Gear Reducers – Cast Iron - B

    • Sizes: 060-080-100-125-140-150-160
    • Available versions: B – fitted for motor coupling, IB – with input shaft, CB – with compact motor, PB – fitted for motor coupling with flexible joint
    • Cases with feet, flange, or universal options
    • Power up to 90kW
    • Gears with shaved or ground profile
    • 1, 2, & 3 reduction stage gearing available
    • Gleason spiral bevel gear pairs with run-in profile, mounted as second reduction stage for a higher reduction
    • Reduction ratios between 5,7 & 187,24
    • Torque max 13.000 Nm and admissible radial loads max 65000 N
    • Cases in G200 grey cast iron for high strength and optimized with FEM analysis
    • Excellent mechanical strength
    • Load capacity calculated to ISO6336 and verified according to AGMA 2001-B88
    • Accessories: torque arm, output flange, output shaft, shrink disk, backstop device, assembly . disassembly kit

  • Helical Bevel Gear Reducers – Aluminium BA

    • Sizes: A40-A5-A70
    • Available versions: BA – fitted for motor coupling, IBA – with input shaft, CBA – with compact motor
    • Cases with feet, flange or universal
    • Power up to 4,8 Kw
    • Gears with shaved or ground profile
    • Gearing with 1, 2 and 3 reduction stages
    • Hypoid bevel gears for size A40 and A50, gleason bevel gear pairs for size A70, all with run-in profile
    • Reduction ratios between 7,62 and 442,76
    • Torque max 450 Nm and admissible radial loads max 5.500 N on the hollow shaft and 10.000 N on solid shaft
    • Cases in die-cast aluminium alloy
    • Excellent mechanical strength while being particularly lightweight
    • Load capacity calculated to ISO6336 and verified according to AGMA 2001-B88
    • Painted with RAL 5010 blue epoxy-polyester powder
    • Accessories: torque arm, output flange, output shaft

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