JJ Loughran Demo Nugent-Hiab Crane Trailer

Loughran were thrilled to get the opportunity to demo a Nugent-Hiab Crane trailer recently. The Nugent Crane trailer can lift up to 995kg with a maximum outreach of 4.2m, revolutionising our day-to-day operations.

The adaptability of the Nugent-Hiab Crane trailer was a game-changer for JJ Loughran, ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of ABB electric motors, Motovario gearboxes, high-powered Danfoss drives, and Manor switchgear control panels. The trailer itself is a Nugent F3720H 3.5 tonne gross Flatbed which utilises Nugent’s patented Dual Drive™ suspension. The Hiab crane simplifies loading and unloading, making our logistics smoother and more reliable, especially at customer sites with no heavy-duty offloading facilities such as forklifts or cranes. The Hiab crane is fully electric, so is emission free and very quiet.

Kudos to Nugent Engineering for crafting a solution that aligns perfectly with our commitment to excellence in service delivery. If you’re looking for reliability, efficiency, and safety in transporting heavy loads, look no further than the Nugent-Hiab Crane trailer.

To see JJ Loughran Demo the trailer, see link: JJ Loughran’s

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