JJ Loughran Invest in Kardex Remstar Vertical Storage Lift

JJ Loughran recently installed a new state of the art storage facility, the Kardex Remstar Shuttle 700, with a vision of enhancing warehouse operations. Also known as a vertical lift module, the Kardex Remstar Shuttle 700 is a type of automated storage and retrieval system designed to provide high storage density in a compact footprint with fast access to stored goods.

Key Benefits:

◾ Streamlines picking processes
◾ Improved Inventory accuracy
◾ Faster order fulfillment
◾ Increased efficiency and productivity

The installment of the Shuttle 700 allows us to store more components in less space and reduce the risk of errors or damage with each tray allowing 650kg of weight. This investment reinforces JJ Loughran’s commitment to efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction.

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