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EMOD Encapsulated Motors

JJ Loughran offers three-phase EMOD encapsulated electric motors off the shelf, which are specially designed, waterproof, squirrel-cage single-speed motors without self-ventilation. The encapsulated motors are immersible and shortly submersible. The motors have a degree of protection IP 67 according to dIn en 60 034 part 5.


Suitable for virtually all extreme operating environments with dust, fibre fly, dirt, and water. Some examples include:

  • Washeries
  • Textile plants with fibre fly
  • Meat processing and food industry
  • Bottling and packing plants
  • Upper deck duties of ships
  • Harbour, warf and sewage installations
  • Pump drives

For any extreme operating conditions, EMOD encapsulated motors are suitable to ensure high performance and endurance. For any EMOD enquiries, please contact sales@jjloughran.com or alternatively call +442886762295.


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