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The Pujol brand was first registered in 1965 with it’s first range of standard gear reducers. Since then, Pujol has become one of the brands of the TECO Group, becoming part of one of the most important industrial groups of the world.

Pujol has become a global leader in the manufacturing and supply of a range of industrial gearboxes, suitable for the most complex of applications.  JJ Loughran have the knowledge and expertise to identify Pujol motors and gearboxes so that critical applications can be kept functioning at all time.

JJ Loughran are always on hand to help if you have an existing Pujol gearbox which is needing replaced. Our experienced team hast he ability to offer replacements that will enhance your operations. if you have any Pujol enquiries do not hesitate to contact our team at +442886762295 or sales@jjloughran.com.

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