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Rulmeca Drum Motors

Rulmeca offers a range of versatile drum motors for conveyors due to the key role they play in driving critical applications throughout a range of industries. Rulmeca drum motors provide an extremely high-performance level, boasting a compact, powerful, and reliable design. The drum motors come in a variety of different models allowing for specific configurations to be made to meet the most demanding of conditions industrial applications operate in.

JJ Loughran can provide Rulmeca drum motors to customers seeking a quality solution to their conveyor applications. The drums are equipped to move light, medium, and high-duty conveyors and can operate in the harshest of conditions. Uniquely, Rulmeca drum motors have many options such as rubber lagging, electromagnetic brakes, and frequency inverters which give them a competitive edge.

For any drum motor applications, please don’t hesitate to contact the JJ Loughran team at +442886762295 or email sales@jjloughran.com, where we would be happy to assist in delivering a solution that meets the needs of your application.


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