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Shaft Mounted Gearboxes

A shaft-mounted speed reducer, also known as a shaft-mounted gearbox, is a unit designed to conveniently step down motor speeds when used in conjunction with a belt drive system. Shaft-mounted drives remove the need for couplings, mounting plinths, and have a large selection of ratios available allowing for various applications to be catered for.

Shaft-mounted gearboxes are chosen for their ability to simplify the transmission of power, reduce the space requirements in various applications, and enhance the performance and reliability of driven machinery. Shaft-mounted speed reducers are versatile and commonly used in conveyor systems, conveyors, mixers, and a range of industrial equipment where power transmission and speed control are essential.

JJ Loughran can offer a range of shaft-mounted gearboxes to ensure that various applications can be kept functional. If you need to replace an existing shaft-mounted gearbox/speed reducer, please contact a member of the JJ Loughran team at +44288762295 or sales@jjloughran.com, where we can provide a solution to your specific requirements.


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