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Siemens is a well-known company that operates in various sectors including energy, health care, and infrastructure. Siemens offers a range of geared motors as part of its large product portfolio for industrial applications. Motor and gearbox combinations are available to ensure specific speeds and output torques can be achieved.

JJ Loughran can offer a range of Siemens geared motors including:

  • Siemens Helical Geared Motors
  • Siemens Parallel Helical Geared Motors
  • Siemens Helical / Worm Geared Motors
  • Siemens Helical / Bevel Geared Motors

If you are requiring a replacement for your Siemens motor / gearbox, please contact a member of the JJ Loughran team at +442886762295 or sales@jjloughran.com.


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