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STM Industrial Gearboxes

STM is an Italian company known for manufacturing a variety of industrial gearboxes and related power transmission components. They are known for their reliability and quality in the domain of mechanical power transmission.

Industries such as mining, manufacturing and construction often utilise STM and their strong product range, with gearbox selection dependent on application requirements for torque, speed and size.

STM offer a range of industrial gearboxes including:

  • STM Worm Gearboxes
  • STM Helical Inline Gearboxes
  • STM Bevel Helical Gearboxes
  • STM Parallel Shaft Gearboxes

Here at JJ Loughran, we have access to the full range of STM industrial gearboxes, to ensure that all critical applications can be kept operating to minimise downtime in important industries.

For any enquires relating to STM products, please give a member of the JJ Loughran team a call at +442886762295 or sales@jjloughran.com, where we will be happy to help.


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