OLI – External Electric Motovibrators Milling Range MVE-Milling

  • Description:

    Providing 1,200 or 1,400 kg of centrifugal force with 8 or 10 poles, MVE Milling External Electric Motovibrators are designed to be applied on sieving machines which represent the core of any flour mill. “MVE Milling” come with ATEX ExII3D certification opencast applications in the presence of potentially flammable dusts in hazardous environments.

    “MVE Milling” External Electric Motovibrators consist of an electric motor housed in a sturdy FMEA-designed cast casing, with eccentric weights fitted on both shaft ends, adopting oversized roller bearing to withstand heavy-duty operation.
    “MVE Milling” External Electric Motovibrators are available with 8 or 10 pole motors only, due to low r.p.m. required this application.

  • Function:

    “MVE Milling” External Electric Motovibrators are designed application on sieving machines where the different grain components are finely separated classified.
    Each is fitted with two “MVE Milling” External Electric Motovibrators mounted in parallel to exploit linear centrifugal force in order to shake the clean at low frequency high amplitude. This has proven to be the best combination to obtain fine accurate separation.

  • Features:

    • Centrifugal force: 1,200 or 1,400 kg; 8 or 10 poles
    • Vacuum-impregnated windings using Class F insulating materials
    • Oversized roller bearings sturdy FMEA-designed casing
    • ATEX ExII3D hazardous environments in presence of flammable gases

  • Benefits:

    • Reliable durable due to oversized roller bearings
    • High centrifugal force/size ratio enabling fitting in confined space
    • Multiple voltages matching electric specifications worldwide

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