Oscillating Mounting – Type AV

  • Description:

    The ROSTA oscillating mountings type AV are maintenance-free elastic joints designed for guiding circular motions of hanging screens such as gyratory sifters and screens in flour mills, chemical processing plants, and paper mills.

    The rubber inserts of these oscillating mountings are larger than the ones of the other ROSTA elements. Therefore, they intensively absorb the vibrations of the hanging sifters and better protect the building structures and ceilings.

    All these mounting types have got housings made of cast aluminium; only type AV 50 has got an SC-cast-iron housing.

    The cores are all made of aluminum profiles, also the size AV 40 and AV 40L. We start to produce the elements with the inner square made of light metal profile approx. within February 2014. All the dimensions are kept, which means the elements are fully adaptable with the previous version. The previous version is still available as a special element.

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