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132kW Brook Crompton Motor, Bearing Replacement


Power Utility Company

Customer Job Reference: 

Water Pumping motor

JJ Loughran Job Reference: 

Job No: 2082C

Customer Contact: 

Engineering Manager


The Original Brief: JJ Loughran engineers where called to site to investigate vibrations in 132kW Brook Crompton Motor. Dynamic tests where carried out by JJ Loughran engineers on site, and revealed that the vibrations where caused by bearing failure. If the motor had continued operation it would eventually lead to winding failure, resulting in significant down time and increased cost for the customer.

The Solution: 

The motor was firstly removed from site so that it could be disassembled for bearing inspection at JJ Loughran facility. Making reference to our risk assessments and safe systems of work practices, our engineers disconnected the motor using JJ Loughran “Lock off procedure” (IMS-O-13) to ensure supply could not be re-energised while the motor was removed from site. When using site crane to hoist motor (IMS-0-07), all relevant safety procedures where strictly adhered too. When motor was dissembled at JJ Loughran workshop, redundant drive end and non-drive end bearings where replaced. Appropriate inspection of machine stator, slot wedges, insulation and windings to insure that no damaged or wear had occurred was also carried out. Following motor overhaul and bearing replacement, it was immediately delivered back to site, reinstalled and laser aligned to a tolerance of 0.06mm.

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1st February 2016


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