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157kW Electric motor repair & overhaul for marine cargo ship


JJ Loughran were e-mailed directly from the senior on board engineer while the ship was at sea, the cargo ship itself was a 187 meter long, with an average cruising speed of 9.9 knots.

The Solution: 

The electric motor in question had failed after planned routine maintenance. Stator coils had been damaged while carrying out a bearing change on the 157 KW motor. As a result the motor had shorted to earth and required a full rewind and overhauled. The motor was critical to the overall operation of the ship.

The ship was due to dock in Foynes in Co.Limerick; JJ Loughran would then have two full working days to rewind and overhaul the unit before reinstalling it back on site at its second docking port of Ringaskiddy, Co.Cork. Our onsite engineers would also assist with the removal and reinstall of the motor at both locations. JJ loughran were also responsible for all logistics involved in the project. JJ loughran were chosen due to our extensive experience in the rotational electrics field and due to the tight turnaround time required. The project included:

  • Disconnection and collection of the 157 KW marine motor from site in Foynes in Co.Limerick
  • Test & Inspection in workshop
  • Dismantle & Stripping of unit
  • Inspect, tag, clean & wash all parts as required
  • Strip out required damaged copper windings
  • Rewind and Overhauled
  • Stove & varnish windings/stator
  • Fitting new bearings & seals
  • Dynamically balance rotor
  • Reassemble complete unit
  • Carry out all required dead tests
  • Run and load test complete unit
  • Deliver back to site & assist in reinstalling motor at Ringaskiddy, Co.Cork

JJ Loughran also had to supply a second motor which was an ABB 440V 60 Hz 4 pole 1750, 13.5 KW complete with B35 mounting position. Due to JJ Loughran’s extensive stock portfolio, we were able to supply this motor directly from our main warehouse in Cookstown.

JJ loughran met and exceed all the customers’ expectations; we delivered all motors back onsite at the second port as requested on time and within budget. As a result the ships sailing time was not delayed.

Project Details


February 2 2016


Service & Repair

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