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18.5kW Hidrostal Submersible Pump Rebuild


Meat Processing Company

Customer Job Reference: 

Return 3N pump

JJ Loughran Job Reference: 

Job No: 2830C

Customer Contact: 

Engineering manager


The Original Brief: Following correspondence from onsite contact, 18.5 kW Hidrostal Submersible Pump was collected by JJ Loughran on site at Meat processing works as instructed, due to failure. Pump was brought back to Workshop for evaluation.

The Solution: 

Following tests, pump was found to have failed due to winding failure. Pump was dismantled, dropping stator housing out of outer casing; Internal rotor was removed and stator was hydraulically pressed out of stator housing. Pump stator was rewound; coils where manufactured and fitted. Stator was stoved and varnished. Pump was rebuilt, tested and delivered back to site.

Project Details


February 2 2016


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