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ABB 150/30kW Wind Turbine Generator Rewind

Generator Details: ABB 150KW/30KW Generator 1010/756 RPM

When a wind turbine with an ABB generator stopped working onsite in Northern Ireland, JJ Loughran were asked to test and inspect the generator in question. Currently seven members of our engineering workforce are specifically assessed and certified to meet the required height and rescue training for working on wind turbines. In addition to this, our state-of-the-art workshop has the capabilities to manage a simple bearing change, right up to a full overhaul and rewind of a 1 Mega Watt generator.

JJ Loughran regularly works with several wind turbine manufacturers including Bonus, Vestas, Micon and Fuhrlander. We can also retrofit a new ABB generator with numerous other generator brands including Siemens, Elin & Sever etc.

After the initial assessment onsite and further investigation in our workshop, it was clear the original ABB generator had failed and required a full rewind and overhaul.

It is not always cost effective/sustainable to replace all failed generators. For this reason, the JJ Loughran engineering workshop works diligently to ensure that our customers are provided with the most cost effective and ethical solution possible.


The work carried out was as follows: –

  1. Dismantle & Strip Turbine Generator
  2. Check & Inspect in Workshop
  3. Remove Rotor & Strip of Bearings
  4. Carry out all mechanical Dimensions
  5. Clean Stator & All Parts
  6. Strip & Rewind Stator & Connect
  7. Dip & Varnish Stator & Stove as Necessary
  8. Dynamically Balance Rotor as Necessary
  9. Replace Bearings
  10. Reassemble & Rebuild
  11. Connect & test Run
  12. Clean & respray unit back to original OEM paint specification
  13. Deliver equipment back to site.

We utilised our advanced test equipment to carry out the following tests before and after the overhaul to ensure the quality of the repair, and to confirm that all Generator parameters were nominal and within manufactures tolerances. This gave our customer the confidence that the ABB Generator had been overhauled to the highest standard. The following electrical tests were carried out after overhaul:

  • Resistance
  • Meg-Ohm
  • Surge
  • DC continuous ramped
  • Step-voltage
  • Polarization index (PI)
  • Dielectric analysis

As an ABB Authorised Value Provider, JJ Loughran has extensive experience in the Power Generation sector, with ABB units installed on wind turbines, water wheel, gas turbines and power stations applications. JJ Loughran hold a wealth of knowledge in these areas and can successfully advise and recommend the best options for our customers when it comes to Motor and Generator selection, installation and running. Contact one of our team today for more information.

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February 17 2020


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