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ABB Generator M3BG 315LKA 6/8 150/30kW For Wind Turbine

When a wind farm in Northern Ireland purchased a second hand turbine from Denmark, JJ Loughran was asked to test and inspect its generator. Nine of our staff were assessed and certified as meeting the required height and rescue training. The customer undoubtedly knew there was only one call he needed to make. Our state of the art workshop can carry out a simple bearing change right up to a full overhaul and rewind of a 1 Mega Watt generator.

JJ Loughran regularly works with a number of wind turbine manufacturers including Bonus, Vestas, Micon and Fuhrlander. We can also retrofit a new ABB generator with a number of other generator brands including Siemens, Elin & Sever etc.
After the initial assessment onsite and further investigation in our workshop, it was clear the original server generator was beyond economic repair. There had been a catastrophic failure and the damage caused meant a new generator was the most cost effective option. As an ABB Authorised Value Provider, we subsequently researched the best option for replacing the generator and selected an option with the same foot print as the original machine. The unit was also dual speed with a number of variants including a side mounted terminal box, PT thermistors and space heaters.
After consulting with the customer, a new generator was ordered with the required modifications to allow for the successful retro-fit.

Once the new generator was supplied the customer installed the turbine at their site in Antrim, safe in the knowledge they have one of the best generators on the market and with an added 3 year warranty for peace of mind.
JJ Loughran has extensive experience in the Power Generation sector, with ABB units installed on water wheel applications, gas turbines and power stations. We believe that together, we hold a wealth of knowledge in these areas and can successfully advise and recommend the best options for you when it comes to Motor and Generator selection, installation and running. Contact one of our team today for more information.

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May 25 2016


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