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Emergency Hire and Install of new 400 KW Danfoss Drive

  • On the customers site an Allen Bradley VSD had catastrophically failed, this had the potential to completely stop production onsite.
  • JJ Loughran delivered and successfully installed our own 400KW Vacon Hire drive, which was installed and made operational within a 6-hour period after the Alan Bradley Variable Speed Drive failure.
  • At the next available shutdown of the plant, JJ Loughran’s Vacon hire drive was replaced with a New Danfoss, 400Kw VSD IP54. NXC07305A5L0SSFA1AF00C300 cabinet built unit as seen in the attached images.
  • The new Danfoss VSD was fitted with internal brake chopper and external 27Kw rated enclosed braking resistor.
  • JJ Loughran engineers carried out all the Mechanical & Electrical works inhouse, this included Ladder, power & control cabling installation.
  • JJ Loughran also worked closely with the plant operators in the testing, set up & commissioning of the new drive.

Why the customer chose JJ Loughran

  • Local Service – Plus JJ Loughran has a 400KW, 250KW and 100KW Hire Drives available from Stock.
  • JJ Loughran could provide in house training to all onsite engineers.
  • The customer knew JJ Loughran could deliver the project on time and within budget.
  • JJ Loughran could also service, maintain and repair these drives, if required in the future.
  • We could as a company Supply, Install & Commission all under one roof.

Project Details


April 4,2018


Electrical Engineering

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