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Full overhaul of 90KW 4 Pole IP23 WEG W21 Electric Motor

Motor Details: WEG W21 90KW 4 Pole 1480 RPM IP23 250S/M-04

JJ Loughran were recently requested to rewind and overhaul a motor for a critical operation in a compressor application. At JJ Loughran we believe in the importance of being able to not only supply new motors, gearboxes and drives, but also to repair and maintain equipment to original OEM standards. With our state-of-the-art equipment including an IRD balancing machine and advanced test equipment, we can ensure all repairs are carried out to the highest standards.

It is not always cost effective/sustainable to replace all failed electric motors; hence JJ Loughran engineering workshop is crucial in ensuring that all customers are supported in the most effective and ethical way possible.

The full rewind and overhaul process of the WEG W21 90KW 4 Pole Motor, delivered a much faster solution to replacing the unit in question.

JJ Loughran stock a large range of electric motor spare parts, including SKF bearings, seals, terminal blocks, rewind copper etc. We also have a machining department which can manufacture new shafts, coupling, fans and other critical electric motor parts as required, thus enabling our engineers to carry out quick turnarounds on mission critical pieces of equipment.

The work we carried out on the WEG W21 90KW 4 Pole 1480 RPM IP23 250S/M-04 Motor was as follows: –

  1. Mechanically dismantling motor into individual parts
  2. Electrically Inspect unit
  3. Measure mechanical dimensions on front & back endcaps to ensure within machine tolerances
  4. Clean all individual parts
  5. Complete rewind of stator
  6. Varnish and stove stator
  7. Dynamically balance rotor
  8. Replace bearings with new SKF units
  9. Reassemble & test run motor
  10. Clean & respray unit back to original OEM paint specification
  11. Deliver equipment back to site.

We utilised our advanced test equipment, to carry out the following electrical tests before and after the overhaul to guarantee the quality of the repair, it ensures that all motor parameters were nominal and within manufactures tolerances. This gave our customer the confidence the Electric Motor was overhauled to the highest standard.

  • Resistance
  • Meg-Ohm
  • Surge
  • DC continuous ramped
  • Step-voltage
  • Polarization index (PI)
  • Dielectric analysis

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February 19,2020


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