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JJ Loughran Overhaul 295KVA Generator

JJ Loughran recently overhauled a 295KVA generator for a local anaerobic digester facility.

These gas-driven generators run 24/7 and ensuring correct upkeep and equipment overhaul can improve performance and extend the life of the asset. Combined with regular maintenance, this is a cost-effective method for extending the life of an alternator.

The following Stamford alternator was overhauled in our main workshop facility with a detailed inspection conducted throughout the dismantling process, with all components being cleaned and checked for faults. All wound compounds were washed, and oven dried before being re-impregnated. On all our refurbishments, all rotors are balanced and bearings replaced. The alternator was then reassembled and dynamically tested with its configured AVR, with a detailed test report and witness testing provided if required by our customers.

All alternators are then coated with rust protection undercoat before the final paint finish as required by our customer is applied.

We can also store completed generators undertaking periodic electrical and mechanical checks to ensure equipment is available and ready to use when needed.

JJ Loughran has a long heritage and vast experience in the rewinding & maintaining of low-voltage AC motors, alternators, pumps, and gearboxes, with ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for our workshop facility.

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