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Mather Platt 187kW Pump Rewind & Overhaul


Water utility company

Customer Job Reference: 

Water Treatment Works

JJ Loughran Job Reference: 

Job No: 1821C

Customer Contact: 

Engineering manager


The Original Brief: Following correspondence from onsite contact, 187 kW, Mather Platt, 6 pole Electric Motor was collected by JJ Loughran on site at Antrim Depot as instructed. Motor was brought back to Workshop for evaluation.

The Solution: 

At workshop JJ Loughran engineers initially carried out insulation resistance test between windings, and windings to earth at 500 Volts. Insulation resistance was found to be lower than 1 Mega Ohm and this showed a blatant defect to earth of the windings.
Motor was dismantled and the internal rotor removed from stator. Stator coils where manufactured and the stator rewound, stoved and varnished. Motor was fitted with new bearings, rebuilt, tested and delivered back to site.

Project Details


February 3 2016


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