Electrical Engineering

MV & LV Brush VSI Switch Gear Upgrade

  • Complete MV & LV switchgear Upgrade.
  • Supply installation and commissioning of MV Switchboard with remote switching capability.
    • ABB 12Kv 5 Piece UniGear 550 three phase air insulated switchgear, site assembled, fitted with protection relays and withdrawable circuit breakers.
    • 48V Battery Tripping Unit. o Integrating switchgear into existing 11KV ring circuit on site.
  •  Supply, installation and commissioning of new site HV/LV Transformer.
    • ABB 1000Kva KNAN 11KV/415V Transformer.
    • Oil temperature sensor and emergency stop push button installed at transformer.
  • Discrimination study and protection design
    • Fault level study of new system from NIE point of supply.
    • Production of protection settings for the MV and LV relays.
    • Documentation of study including protection grading curves and narrative report.
  • LV Switchboard
    • Quantity 1 * 2000Amp, Form 4b Type 2 Switch Board c/w ACB Incomer
    • 100KA Lighting and surge arrester type 1 & 2 – BSEN 61643 & BSEN 62305
    • All Outgoers fitted with Modbus enabled energy meters
  •  Installation and termination of all 12Kv rated single core steel wired armoured cabling.
  •  Installation of temporary 800Kva generator fitted with external 24 hour fuel tank to allow site to run production 24 hours a day while works were completed.
  •  Dismantling and removal the redundant HV switchgear from site.
  •  Supply of all onsite crane and forklift hire for the completion of all electrical works on site.
  • Complete design of entire project to include all electrical aspects as detailed above including civil works design for new MV equipment and services, liaising with client, utility supplier and building contractor to adhere to strict deadline for completion of works.
  • Contract Duration – Main Changeover Shutdown completed in 30 Hours

Project Details


June 28 2019


Electrical Engineering

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