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Over Haul of 22kW Pump Motors


Pharmaceutical Company

Customer Job Reference: 

Return Fluid Pumps

JJ Loughran Job Reference: 

Job No: 2083C

Customer Contact: 

Site Manager


The Original Brief: Working in conjunction with site manager; JJ Loughran engineers where called to sites to disconnect and remove motors from two End Suction Pump sets, namely the Return Fluid Pumps No. 1 and No. 2, Firstly engineers observed the operation of motors and verified site manager’s verdict; that drive end and non-drive end bearings on each of pump sets where in urgent need of replacement.

The Solution: 

On both pump sets, all appropriate safe lock off procedures where observed as required before any works commenced.
All required drive-coupling guards where removed and exact motor locations noted, for separation of motors from pumps. Cabling into motors was un-glanded and disconnected, motors removed from pump sets and brought back to JJ Loughran workshop for bearing replacement. Following replacement of drive and non-drive end bearings on both units, the motors where immediately delivered back to site, refitted, lined, electrically connected and tested.

Project Details


February 4 2016


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