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American Multi-National Conglomerate

Customer Job Reference: 

10151888 Brook Ex Motor

JJ Loughran Job Reference: 

Job No: 17703


A customer who was an American multinational, contacted JJ Loughran informing us that a critical explosion proof Brook motor had an insulation resistance fault. JJ Loughran immediately dispatched a CompEx approved engineer to site to disconnect and remove the motor in question.

The Solution: 

JJ Loughran engineers carried out a detailed mechanical and electrical inspection of the Motor. They found the motor to have an insulation resistance fault to earth and would require a full rewind and overhaul.

Note: All EX D repairs are carried out by Certified EX engineers in conjunction with IEC BS EN 60079-19: 2011, the AEMT Course notes and Label booklet, on the Repair & Overhaul of Ex Apparatus.

Engineering manager briefed the customer as to the extent of the works that where required and their costs before any work commenced.

Full disassembly and cleaning of all parts and a further detailed inspection of the 75KW Motors main components was carried out. Which included measuring/recording all critical ATEX dimension/flame paths including:-

a. Motor frames, end shields & bearing covers for signs of cracks or corrosion

b. Shafts and rotor cores for signs of damage or distortion

c. Terminal blocks, insulators & studs & the clearances

d. Terminal box and glands

e. Lead terminations and winding connections

f. Bolt lengths and thread forms

g. Fans & fan covers for cracks or corrosion

h. Rotational clearance of fan to stationary parts e.g. fan cover, frame, end shield

i. Ventilation system to ensure no blockage or build up of material

j. Gaskets and seals

k. Bearings. Ensure bearings and seals are replaced with exactly the same types (size, clearance etc) as specified by the motor manufacturer.

Any mechanical parts that required replacement were obtained from the motor manufacturer.

Balancing of Motor rotor was carried out on JJ loughran’s state of the art IRD soft balancing machine, which gives our customers more detailed and comprehensive balancing reports.

We supplied an installed SKF Drive and Non- Drive end bearings. All relevant flame paths were measured and recorded.

Stator was fully rewound in accordance with the manufactures and the AEMT recommendations.

Full varnish / Re- lacquering and stoving of motor windings were also carried out.

Our engineers then assembled all parts and test run the Brook EX Motor on our state of the art test bed. All results including rpm, torque, speed and amps were recorded.

Full re-spray was carried out on Motor to original Brook Crompton Paint specification.

Motor was dispatched to customer, along with Ex machine repair form in accordance to all AEMT recommendations.

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February 4 2016


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